Aliva Aesthetics is a Cosmetology clinic specialized in dealing with the skin and hair related problems, which enhances beauty as well as hair and skin health. We believe that it is as much important to take care of them, as it is to take care of other important organs of the human body.

We care for disorders of skin, hair, and nails are addressed with emphasis on prevention and early detection. This Focus applies only to cosmetology. Aliva is well known for  Non-surgical and Anti-wrinkle aesthetic treatments. We offer a dynamic range of treatments with aim to enhance your natural beauty and create facial harmony. 

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Our Specialized Treatments

Acne treatment

Acne Treatments

We have best solutions for all kind of acne problems. Our treatment start from the study of your skin nature. 

Unwanted Hair Removal

Facial Hair is the biggest problem faced by many teenagers . It causing of increased level of testosterone in Females 

Ante Aging Treatments

Aging is caused by many factor of modern age. We have certain treatments to rid of your aging problems with relevant Treatments 

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup to your Eyebrows and Lip Color will reduce your parlor maintenance. In this treatments are e

Dental Treatments

Don’t let you stopped to smile due to dental problems. We care about all your dental concerns. We do cosmetic dental Surgery 

Physiotherapy care treatment At ALIVA AESTHETICS


Physiotherapy plays a vital role to recover from injuries no matter major or minor but helps to recover faster and healthier


Dr. T. Afsar MANAGING PARTNER & PHYSIOTHERAPIST at aliva aesthetics



Managing Partner & Physiotherapist

As an experienced physiotherapist and admin for the name domain since last few year successfully and Found Aliva Aesthetics year 2021

Dr Yasmeen Shaik CHIEF DOCTOR at Aliva Aesthetics



Cosmetic Dental Surgeon,
Chief Doctor

FAGE PGDMC,Cosmetologist Diploma In Trichology Fellow Ship In Facial Aesthetics PGDCC,Fellowship In Clinical Nutrition.



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