Story Of The Best Cosmetology and Aesthetics Clinic In Vijayawada


ALIVA AESTHETIC is a Cosmetology clinic specialized in dealing with the skin and hair related problems, which enhances beauty as well as hair and skin health. We believe that it is as much important to take care of them, as it is to take care of other important organs of the human body.

We care for disorders of skin, hair, and nails are addressed with emphasis on prevention and early detection. This Focus applies only to cosmetology. ALIVA is well known for  Non-surgical and Anti-wrinkle aesthetic treatments. We offer a dynamic range of treatments with aim to enhance your natural beauty and create facial harmony

Doctor Sundar Chakravarthy Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon in Aliva Aesthetics
Dr. T. Afsar MANAGING PARTNER & PHYSIOTHERAPIST at aliva aesthetics


Our team is our biggest strength. We continued our journey  responsibly and Following modern age technologies. We got tremendous response from our patients that we made their look special. 

Our Doctors are not only qualified and also they have lot of Experience in handling critical surgeries and Dr. Yasmeen Shaik, Chief Doctor will take care of every single patient and a special team completely follow up our patients after treatment medication.

Dr Yasmeen Shaik CHIEF DOCTOR at Aliva Aesthetics

About Our Chief Doctor

Our chief doctor, Dr. Yasmeen Shaik having 5+ years experience in cosmetology across the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with more than 15k+ happiest clients. 

  1. Bachelor of Dental Surgery – Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology – Medvarsity & Institute of Laser Aesthetics Medicine
  3. Diploma in Trichology – Indian Institute of Cosmetology, Trichology & Nutrition Pvt Ltd
  4. Master Course in Micropigmentation –  IATAM (International Academy of Trichology & Aesthetic Medicine)
  5. Post Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Cosmetology – IATAM (International Academy of Trichology & Aesthetic Medicine)
  6. Fellowship in Facial Aesthetics – IATAM (International Academy of Trichology & Aesthetic Medicine)