Privacy Policy

Aliva Aesthetics (P) Ltd., or “Aliva Aesthetics,” is dedicated to putting policies in place to safeguard the privacy of individuals who use our products, services, and visit this website: Aliva Aesthetics respects the privacy of every individual who visits our website and utilizes our online services via computers, mobile devices, or other devices.

However, we do gather some pertinent data from and about our users. We do not divulge personally identifiable information (as outlined below) about visitors to this website without their consent, unless otherwise specified in this Privacy Policy, our Terms of Service, our Disclaimer, and other published rules.

We always want our users and clients/customers to be informed of the data we gather, how we use it, and, if applicable, under what conditions we share it. In addition, we are dedicated to giving you the greatest possible experience on our website. To fully utilise our website, please read the following policy to see how your personal information will be handled.

Data that we gather-

Aliva Aesthetics provides online tools and services like e-Treatment, e-Appointment, phone consultations, and e-mail communication that are intended to give health- and product-related information and services.

It is necessary to collect, rely on, and utilise certain personally identifiable information for the aforementioned purpose, as explained below.

 Personally identifying information


You must submit personally identifying information to us in order to use some elements of this website, and we may ask for this information in other places as well.

In order to, for example, contact them in the future about “Aliva Aesthetics” Services and Products or potential possibilities, the names and contact information of people who visit our website are added to our database (currently maintained in Vijayawada, India). Such communication may take the form of email, phone calls, or letters, as “Aliva Aesthetics” sees fit.


“Aliva Aesthetics” may also gather health information from you when you react to our surveys, questions, or inquiries, or while receiving treatment (including but not limited to information pertaining to the ailment described by you, your medical history, pictures, records etc.).

Please be aware that if you want to get notifications via WhatsApp, our database will retain your personal contact information, such as your contact number. When it sees fit, Aliva Aesthetics may send periodic updates with offers, information on products, services, and other pertinent news.

Billing Information:

Because some of the services offered by “Aliva Aesthetics” are paid services, “Aliva Aesthetics” might need more facts like your contact information, billing address, credit card information, etc.

Non-personally identifying information


We only gather and aggregate information about users’ home servers, not their email addresses, when they visit our website. Such data enables us to assess the success of our numerous promotional initiatives and identify the most popular content and sections of our website. We compile such data for internal evaluation, after which it is replaced by data that are more recent.


We also use “cookies,” which are small text files stored on your computer’s hard drive or mobile device –

  • To give you faster access to this website’s contents
  • To help us understand the kinds of content you find interesting,
  • The websites you link to
  • How long you spend in each section of this website, and
  • Particularly which “Aliva Aesthetics” services you use.

Cookies cannot run any code or transmit any viruses since the server that placed them can only view them. Cookies help “Aliva Aesthetics” better serve you and make your online surfing experience more personalised.

However, you can choose how and whether your web browser will accept cookies. Please consult your browser’s manual or websites run by third parties for more details on how to do this.

How we make use of the information we gather

In order to deliver services that are optimal for the users, “Aliva Aesthetics” will make use of the information it has acquired. You acknowledge and accept that, in addition to “Aliva Aesthetics” and other parties, such as operations and maintenance contractors who repair and maintain our technological systems, may access its agents, your personal information.

With these third parties, “Aliva Aesthetics” has not signed any non-disclosure agreements. You agree that these people can access your information.

How We Use Personally Identifying Information

“Aliva Aesthetics” informs users that personally identifiable (i.e., non-aggregated) data will be gathered while they are browsing the web. Further serving as notice that such data is gathered in those circumstances is this Privacy Policy.

By giving such information to suitable third parties, including any outsourcers, as assessed and chosen by “Aliva Aesthetics,” may utilise it to improve your experience.

How We Use Non-Personally Identifying Information

We compile information from users’ home servers for internal evaluation in order to create better online services and products. One way we do this is by undertaking statistical analysis of the general traits and actions of our users. Such aggregated information is then replaced by recent information following such an internal review.

In addition, “Aliva Aesthetics” will utilise the data you supply to manage and address your inquiry. Our information staff will investigate your question and reply as appropriate. “Aliva Aesthetics” must use best efforts to store the supplied information and the offered response in a secure manner. In order to track and improve the services, “Aliva Aesthetics” may also provide reports on how the user used the services.

Your name, age, condition, and other information may be made public if academic institutions and/or “Aliva Aesthetics” uses your data for case studies with your permission. You can decide whether to participate in the study.

“Aliva Aesthetics” retains the right to reveal data from our access logs about any user if we deem it reasonably necessary to safeguard our infrastructure or operations. We reserve the right to disclose such information, even without a subpoena, warrant, or other court order, in response to court or governmental orders, civil subpoenas, discovery requests, or in other situations where a user violates our Terms of Service, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, or other published guidelines, initiates or participates in any illegal activity, or is reasonably believed to do so.

Other reasons for data release may include, but are not limited to:  

(I) Taking precautions against liability issues

(II) Assisting law enforcement agencies

(III) Looking into and defending “Aliva Aesthetics” against claims or allegations made by third parties

(IV) Preserving the security or integrity of the Website and/or services offered by “Aliva Aesthetics” and/or

(V) Defending the rights, property, or personal safety of “Aliva Aesthetics”, website visitors, and anyone else

For business purposes, such as reorganisation or business divestiture through sale, merger, or acquisition, “Aliva Aesthetics” shall be permitted to share your information. In such a case, “Aliva Aesthetics” shall seek written representations that the information will be appropriately protected.

Counselling and consultation are only for your use. As every piece of information is customised to fit your specific needs (based on the data you provide), sharing it with others is not suitable. You may not disclose this information to anybody without “Aliva Aesthetics’” prior written consent, nor may you change or edit it.

Periodic policy modifications

Please be aware that Aliva Aesthetics may periodically evaluate its Privacy Policy as it may think appropriate (for example, to keep up with technological and/or legislative changes), and as a result, this Privacy Policy is subject to modification. To maintain ongoing familiarity and understanding with the most recent version of our Privacy Policy, we firmly advise that you bookmark and frequently review this page.

Choice to decline

Please send an email to or give us a call at +91 9851636636 if you want your personally identifiable information deleted from the “Aliva Aesthetics” databases.

To fulfil your request, we will make a reasonable attempt. Nonetheless, residual information will continue to exist in “Aliva Aesthetics” databases, access logs, and other old internal records, and this residual information might contain such personally identifiable information.