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Check Our Permanent Makeup Solution

Permanent makeup is a technique which used by cosmetologist for permanent pigmentation of the dermis meaning of enhance color and colored shape of skin on Eyebrows, Eyelids, Face and Lips. These are also called permanent cosmetics or dermis pigmentation or Tattooing.

We at Aliva Aesthetics has its best in permanent make-up that we follow procedures like microblading to the eyebrows and Lip coloring. We have expert team of permanent makeup that the results last years. 

Permanent eyebrows or semi-permanent solution with aliva aesthetics

Permanent Eyebrow

Permanent eyebrows or semi-permanent / microblading is a procedure categorized under permanent cosmetics. This is to be done with a hand tattooing tool and fine microblade. This microblade give super fine lines resembling the hair strokes by implanting the selected pigment eyebrow color.

Advantages Of Permanent Eyebrows

  1. Well shaped eyebrow that looks very naturally, arched as we need.
  2. When compared to other methods this won’t spread over years that permanent makeup allows you
  3. Our chief doctor, Dr. Yasmeen Shaik has well experience in permanent makeup that looks you impress.
  4. The result will be last for few years.

Permanent Lip Coloring

Lip blushing or Permanent Lip coloring is performed by cosmetologist to enhance your lip color. The result is kind of lip fillers in that your lips will look a little fuller by being defined and enhanced with pigment, without changing your natural feeling and it will increase soft and shaped color lips and enhances its beauty which covers uneven scars of pigmentation and gives lips a good look.

Permanent Lip Coloring with Aliva Aesthetics
BB Glow Solution with Aliva Aesthetics

BB Glow Solutions

BB glow is a non-surgical procedure that is minimally invasive treatment. It is a highly effective tinted pigment is apply by using a Nano -needle or microneedle to probe our skin. This is helps to skin rejuvenation and collagen production under skin layers. In BB Glow treatment we use BB glow serum which adds nutrients meanwhile adding your desired color tone to the skin.