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Aliva Aesthetics is the best Skin Care Clinic offers wide range of skin care solution for all skin problems. We deals all types of skin and aesthetics treatments with unique treatment methods which is proven internationally. We are specialized in treatments like ACNE, Acne Scars, BB Glow, Fillers, Surgical and Non – Surgical face-lifting treatments, Anti Aging Treatments, Carbon Lasers, PRP Treatments etc.., 

Acne Treatments

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Acne Care

ACNE are of 4 types Blackheads, Whiteheads, Papules and Pustules. Aliva Aesthetics is the Best acne treatment clinic in Vijayawada and Hyderabad, we understand that dealing with acne can be a frustrating and stressful experience, particularly when it seems like nothing you try is working. Acne can affect people of all ages and skin types, whether it’s due to genetics, hormones, or lifestyle factors. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to this common skin condition. Suppose you’re in the Vijayawada or Hyderabad area. You don’t have to look far to find the best treatment clinic for your acne concerns. With a team of highly skilled professionals and advanced technology, we offer a range of effective treatments that cater to your needs. From chemical peels to laser therapy, our experts will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that targets your specific skin concerns and helps you achieve clear, glowing skin. 

Say goodbye to acne and hello to confidence by booking an appointment with Aliva Aesthetics, we provide the Best treatment for acne near Vijayawada, Hyderabad.

Our Specialized Treatments

Chemical Peel

One of the most popular acne treatments is a chemical peel. A chemical peel involves the application of a chemical solution to the skin, which causes the top layer of the skin to peel off and reveal the most youthful skin underneath. It helps to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells, which can reduce acne. We offer the Best chemical peel treatment in Vijayawada, Hyderabad that can also help improve acne scars' appearance. At Aliva Aesthetics, the Best chemical peel for acne clinics in Vijayawada, Hyderabad, we offer various types of chemical peels available, including glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and lactic acid peels. Your skincare professional will determine which chemical peel is best for your skin type and concerns. Chemical peels are typically performed in a series of treatments, and each spaced a few weeks apart. Chemical peels can mitigate the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage. Additionally, they are efficacious in treating specific forms of acne and minor scarring. Chemical peels are a viable option for addressing pigmentation concerns, including but not limited to sun spots, age spots, and uneven skin tone.

Organic face therapy

If you prefer a more natural approach to acne treatment, the Best organic peel treatment in Vijayawada, Hyderabad may be the right choice. Organic face therapy is a skincare treatment that uses natural and organic products to promote healthy and radiant skin. It typically involves using organic cleansers, masks, serums, and moisturizers free from synthetic ingredients, harsh chemicals, and artificial additives. It can help reduce inflammation, unclog pores, improve the overall appearance of the skin, and decrease the occurrence of acne. Organic face therapy typically involves using various natural ingredients, such as honey, aloe Vera, and tea tree oil. Your skincare professional will determine the best ingredients for your skin type and concerns. Organic face therapy can be performed in a series of treatments, and each spaced a few weeks apart. During an organic face therapy session at Aliva Aesthetics, the Best organic peel for acne clinics in Vijayawada, Hyderabad, the skin is gently cleansed to remove impurities and excess oil. Then, a combination of organic products is applied to nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin. These products often contain botanical extracts, essential oils, vitamins, and antioxidants that work together to improve skin texture, tone, and overall complexion.

Photodynamic Light Acne Laser

Another effective acne treatment is photodynamic light acne laser therapy. It is commonly used for moderate to severe acne that has not responded well to other treatments. The Best Photodynamic therapy treatment in Vijayawada, Hyderabad involves using light energy to target and destroy acne-causing bacteria. During the treatment, a photosensitizing agent is applied to the skin, which makes the skin more sensitive to light. The skin is then exposed to a specific light wavelength, activating the photosensitizing. The activated agent produces oxygen molecules that destroy the bacteria responsible for acne and reduce oil gland activity. It helps unclog pores, reduces inflammation, and improves skin appearance. The light in the treatment can also have anti-inflammatory effects, further reducing acne-related redness and swelling. Photodynamic light acne laser therapy is a safe and effective treatment for acne. It can help to reduce the number of acne breakouts and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Get in touch with Aliva Aesthetics, the Best Photodynamic light treatment in Vijayawada, Hyderabad, to get rid of your acne today!!!

Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy is another successful method of treating acne. It is a light-based treatment used to address damaged or diseased skin. Blue light therapy is a non-invasive and painless treatment that can be performed in a short amount of time. During the treatment, a special device delivers the blue light to the skin. Combining specific wavelengths of blue light with photosensitizing agents eliminates abnormal skin cells while preserving the surrounding tissue. When used for acne treatment, the Best blue light therapy treatment in Vijayawada, Hyderabad targets acne-causing bacteria deep within the pores. It destroys the bacteria, leading to the clearance of active acne lesions and preventing future outbreaks. The therapy also offers anti-inflammatory benefits, reduces sebaceous gland size, and helps diminish the appearance of acne scars. Blue light therapy is suitable for treating acne in all body areas. It is particularly effective for mild to moderate acne cases. Treatment is typically administered every two to four weeks, and most patients undergo a series of three to five sessions. The number of treatments required depends on individual skin type and the severity of the acne condition. Book your appointment today at Aliva Aesthetics, the best blue light therapy for acne clinics in Vijayawada, Hyderabad.

Emergency Pimple & Cyst Treatment

If you're dealing with a particularly stubborn pimple or cyst, emergency pimple, and cyst treatment may be the right choice. The Best Emergency Pimple Treatment Clinic in Vijayawada, Hyderabad is designed to provide immediate relief and targeted care for these problematic skin lesions. When dealing with an emergency pimple or cyst, specific steps are typically taken to address the condition effectively. The treatment may involve topical medications, such as spot treatments or creams containing ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, to reduce inflammation, unclog pores, and kill bacteria. In some cases, dermatologists may administer intraregional injections, where a corticosteroid is directly injected into the pimple or cyst to reduce inflammation and promote healing rapidly. These injections can help alleviate pain and swelling associated with larger, more severe acne lesions. Emergency Pimple & Cyst Treatment aims to provide immediate relief and prevent further complications, such as scarring or infection. It is important to consult with a dermatologist at Aliva Aesthetics, the Best cyst treatment clinic in Vijayawada and Hyderabad, to determine the most suitable treatment approach based on the severity and individual characteristics of the acne condition.

Acne Scars

Acne Scars Treatment

Many people experience dissatisfaction and insecurity due to acne scars, especially when collagen loss makes the scars more apparent. We at Aliva Aesthetics offers the Best treatments for acne scar in Vijayawada, Hyderabad. Below are a number of options for the Best acne scar removal in Vijayawada, Hyderabad and for enhancing the skin’s look. Acne scars can be a bothersome reminder of past breakouts, affecting both your physical appearance and self-confidence. Thankfully, numerous treatments can help reduce the appearance of acne scars, allowing you to reclaim smooth and radiant skin. We will explore some effective acne scar treatments that can help you on your journey towards rejuvenating your skin.

Acne Scars clinic

Organic Peeling

Organic peeling involves the use of natural substances and ingredients to exfoliate the skin gently. These peels harness the power of botanical extracts, enzymes, and mild acids to promote cell turnover, remove dead skin cells, and stimulate collagen production. By doing so, organic peels help reduce the visibility of acne scars, revealing smoother and healthier skin.

The Benefits of Organic Peeling:
1. Gentle and Non-Irritating: Organic peeling treatments are typically gentle on the skin, making them suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or those who prefer a more natural approach. The ingredients used in organic peels are generally milder than their chemical counterparts, minimizing the risk of irritation or adverse reactions.
2. Natural Exfoliation: Organic peels utilize natural exfoliating agents like fruit enzymes (such as papaya and pineapple) or botanical extracts (such as aloevera or chamomile). These ingredients effectively remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and promote the growth of new, healthier skin. By exfoliating gently, organic peels can help reduce the appearance of acne scars without causing excessive damage or irritation.
3. Nourishing and Hydrating: Many organic peeling treatments contain ingredients rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and hydrating properties. These elements help nourish the skin, boost its natural healing process, and improve overall skin health. Organic peels can leave your skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, and revitalized.
4. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Choosing organic peeling treatments aligns with a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. By opting for natural ingredients and formulations, you support eco-conscious practices and reduce your ecological footprint while still achieving the desired results.

When using organic peeling treatments, it's important to follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer or seek guidance from a skincare professional. Different products may have varying application methods and recommended frequencies. Additionally, it's advisable to perform a patch test before using any new product to ensure compatibility with your skin.
Organic peeling offers a gentle, natural, and eco-friendly approach to treating acne scars. By harnessing the power of botanical extracts, enzymes, and mild acids, organic peels can exfoliate the skin gently, stimulate collagen production, and reduce the appearance of acne scars. Embrace the beauty of nature and unlock the potential of organic peeling to achieve smoother, healthier skin in a holistic and sustainable way. If you are looking for a best organic peel treatment in Vijayawada, Hyderabad.

Acne Scar Fillers

Acne scar filling, also known as dermal filling, is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting fillers into depressed or indented acne scars. The fillers are composed of substances like hyaluronic acid or collagen, which add volume to the affected areas and elevate the skin to match the surrounding healthy tissue. This process helps to reduce the visibility of acne scars, creating a smoother and more even skin surface. For best acne scar filler treatment in Vijayawada, Hyderabad, you need these.

Benefits of Acne Scar Filling:
1. Improved Texture: Acne scar filling effectively fills in the depressions caused by scars, resulting in a smoother texture and an overall more even appearance.
2. Immediate Results: One of the significant advantages of acne scar filling is the immediate improvement in the appearance of scars. You can see visible results right after the procedure, which can be a confidence boost.
3. Non-Invasive and Minimal Downtime: Acne scar filling is a non-surgical procedure that requires no incisions or lengthy recovery periods. The treatment is typically quick, and you can resume your daily activities immediately afterward.
4. Temporary and Customizable: The effects of acne scar filling are temporary, lasting several months to a year, depending on the type of filler used. This allows for adjustments to be made as your skin's needs change over time.
5. Safe and Well-Tolerated: Acne scar filling is generally considered safe and well-tolerated. However, it is essential to consult with a qualified dermatologist or cosmetic professional to ensure a safe procedure and minimize potential risks.

Acne scar filling is an effective and minimally invasive treatment option for individuals looking to reduce the visibility of acne scars and achieve a smoother complexion. By injecting fillers into depressed scars, this procedure can restore your confidence and help you feel more comfortable in your skin. If you are considering acne scar filling, consult with a qualified professional who can assess your specific needs and guide you towards the most suitable treatment plan. Embrace the journey towards a more flawless appearance and renewed self-assurance. If you are looking for best fillers for acne scars clinic in Vijayawada, Hyderabad, we are the best clinic for scar filler treatment in Vijayawada, Hyderabad.

Micro needling with Radiofrequency (MNRF)

Micro needling with Radiofrequency combines two powerful technologies to treat acne scars. Micro needling involves the use of a specialized device with tiny needles that create micro-injuries in the skin. These micro-injuries trigger the body's natural healing response, stimulating collagen and elastin production, which aids in the reduction of acne scars. The addition of radiofrequency energy amplifies the effects of micro needling, as it delivers controlled heat energy deep into the skin layers, further stimulating collagen production and tightening the skin. For the best micro needling treatment in Vijayawada, Hyderabad follow these steps

The Benefits of MNRF for Acne Scars:
1. Enhanced Collagen Production: MNRF stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin, helping to remodel the scar tissue and improve the overall texture and appearance of acne scars.
2. Precise and Customizable Treatment: The depth of microneedles and the intensity of radiofrequency energy can be adjusted according to individual scar types and depths, allowing for personalized treatment plans.
3. Minimally Invasive and Safe: MNRF is a minimally invasive procedure that is generally safe for most skin types and has minimal downtime. It does not cause significant damage to the outermost layer of the skin, making it suitable for a wide range of patients.
4. Versatile Treatment: MNRF is effective in treating various types of acne scars, including atrophic, rolling, and boxcar scars. It can also address other skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity.
5. Long-lasting Results: The collagen remodeling stimulated by MNRF continues for several months after treatment, leading to progressive improvement in the appearance of acne scars. Multiple sessions may be required for optimal results.

Micro needling with Radiofrequency (MNRF) is an innovative and promising treatment for acne scars. By combining the benefits of micro needling and radiofrequency energy, MNRF stimulates collagen production and improves the texture and appearance of acne scars. This minimally invasive procedure offers a customizable approach, ensuring personalized treatment plans for individuals with varying scar types and depths. Consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional to determine if MNRF is the right option for you and embark on a journey towards smoother, more rejuvenated skin, and renewed confidence. Contact us for best micro needling clinic in Vijayawada, Hyderabad if you are searching for best manuf treatment near Vijayawada, Hyderabad.

PRP with Derma Pen and Resurfacing procedure

Acne scars can be a persistent reminder of past breakouts, affecting your self-esteem and confidence. Fortunately, advances in dermatology have brought forth innovative treatments to address this concern. Two popular procedures, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy with Derma Pen and resurfacing techniques, offer a powerful combination to effectively treat acne scars. In this article, we will explore how these treatments work synergistically to rejuvenate your skin and minimize the appearance of acne scars. The Best PRP Derma Pen Treatment in Vijayawada, Hyderabad follow these

1. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy: PRP therapy involves using the healing properties of your blood to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells. A small amount of blood is drawn from your arm and processed to separate the platelet-rich plasma. This concentrated plasma, rich in growth factors and proteins, is then applied to the treatment area. When combined with the Derma Pen, a device equipped with fine needles, PRP therapy becomes even more effective. The Derma Pen creates micro channels in the skin, allowing the PRP to penetrate deeply into the scarred tissue. The growth factors in PRP stimulate collagen production, promote cell turnover, and improve overall skin texture, ultimately reducing the appearance of acne scars.
2. Resurfacing Procedures: Resurfacing procedures, such as fractional laser resurfacing or chemical peels, work by removing the top layer of damaged skin, revealing fresh, healthy skin beneath. These treatments induce controlled injury to the skin, triggering the body's natural healing response and stimulating collagen production.
When combined with PRP therapy, resurfacing procedures can enhance the effectiveness of acne scar treatment. The PRP aids in the healing process, accelerates tissue repair, and boosts collagen production, leading to improved texture and diminished scarring. The combination of PRP with resurfacing procedures can deliver more significant and long-lasting results compared to either treatment used alone.

Benefits of PRP with Derma Pen and Resurfacing:
• Improved collagen production: PRP stimulates the production of collagen, a key component in maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin.
• Enhanced tissue regeneration: The combination of PRP and Derma Pen helps promote the growth of new skin cells, leading to improved texture and reduced scarring.
• Natural and safe treatment: PRP therapy utilizes your body's own healing properties, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions or allergic responses.
• Customizable treatment approach: PRP therapy can be tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a personalized and targeted approach to acne scar treatment.

PRP therapy with Derma Pen and resurfacing procedures offer a powerful combination for treating acne scars. By harnessing the regenerative properties of PRP and incorporating it with the micro channeling of the Derma Pen and the skin rejuvenation of resurfacing techniques, these treatments can significantly reduce the appearance of acne scars and restore a smoother, more youthful complexion. Consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional to determine if PRP therapy with Derma Pen and resurfacing is the right approach for your acne scars, and embark on your journey to renewed skin confidence.

Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy, also known as micro needling or derma rolling, is a minimally invasive procedure that stimulates the skin's natural healing process to improve the appearance of acne scars. During CIT, a device containing fine needles is gently rolled or pressed onto the skin, creating controlled micro-injuries. These micro-injuries trigger the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential proteins for maintaining the skin's elasticity and structure. We are providing the best collagen induction therapy treatment in Vijayawada, Hyderabad.

The Benefits of CIT for Acne Scars:
1. Scar Remodeling: CIT promotes the remodeling of scar tissue by stimulating the production of new collagen fibers. As the skin heals, the old scar tissue is gradually replaced with smoother and more even-textured skin.
2. Improved Skin Texture: The micro-injuries caused by CIT encourage the skin to produce new cells, resulting in improved texture and a reduction in the depth of acne scars. Over time, the skin becomes smoother, making the scars less noticeable.
3. Enhanced Skin Elasticity: CIT triggers the production of elastin, a protein responsible for maintaining skin elasticity. This leads to a suppler and youthful appearance, reducing the visible signs of acne scars.
4. Minimal Downtime: One of the advantages of CIT is that it typically involves minimal downtime. After the treatment, you may experience mild redness and slight skin sensitivity, which usually subside within a few days. This makes CIT a convenient option for individuals with busy lifestyles.
5. Versatility: CIT is suitable for various types of acne scars, including atrophic scars (depressed scars) and rolling or boxcar scars. It can be performed on different areas of the body, allowing for versatile treatment options based on your specific needs.

Before undergoing CIT, it is essential to consult with a qualified dermatologist or skincare professional. They will evaluate your skin condition, assess the severity of your acne scars, and determine the most suitable treatment plan for you. During the procedure, a topical numbing cream may be applied to minimize any discomfort. The CIT device is then gently rolled or pressed onto the skin, targeting the affected areas.

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) offers a promising solution for individuals seeking to reduce the appearance of acne scars. By stimulating the skin's natural healing process and promoting collagen production, CIT can help improve skin texture, increase elasticity, and diminish the visibility of acne scars. Consult with a skincare professional to determine if CIT is the right treatment for you and take a step towards achieving smoother, more rejuvenated skin. If you are looking for a best collagen induction treatment in Vijayawada, Hyderabad or best collagen induction therapy near Vijayawada, Hyderabad.

Anti Aging Treatments

anti aging clinic

Anti Aging Treatments

Aging is a part of a natural human thing which becomes evident and follows different trajectories in different organs, tissues and cells with time. 

Aging is a major biological process influenced by combination of genetics, cellular metabolism, hormone and metabolic processes and chronic light exposure, pollution, ionizing radiation, chemicals, toxins factors.

We ALIVA has best solutions for Anti Aging Treatments some of mentioned below….

  • Vampire Face Lifting
  • Anti Wrinkle Injection
  • Double Chin Treatment
  • Silhouette Thread Lift
  • Non-Surgical Face Lift
  • Stretch Marks
  • All Dermal Fillers
  • Face Shaping
  • Non-surgical Nose Job
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Skin Booster
  • Scar Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Skin rejuvenation treatments are helpful in restore your skin’s  natural glow, reverse from signs of aging, and prevent any type of skin damage. Now a days due to hectic work and climate, pollution, work pressure we are loosing our skin natural glow and getting early signs of aging.

Aliva Aesthetics has excellent track record in skin rejuvenation treatment which are very unique and economical. We have wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments available internationally. 

  • Medi Facials & Peels
  • HEMO Face Therapy
  • Diamond Skin Boosters
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Skin Clarity
  • Pigmentation and Melasma
  • Rosacea & Redness
  • Micro Needling
  • Hydration Boosters
  • Under Eye Correction
  • Aqua Peel MD 
Skin Rejuvenation clinic